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    I sympathise with Wide doing his test on an MT500. Occasionally unreliable tickover, tricky hot starting & no electric foot would have made it an ordeal I imagine.
    That said, mine was the most practical thing I`ve owned. Good for carrying gear, easy maintenance & 100% parts availability, from a rearlight lens to a new crate engine.
    Went everywhere on it, year round; only bike I ever enjoyed in snow.
    Bought from the MoD auction, Leeds for £1100.
    21 years & 90,000kms later, sold on Ebay for £1200 & I was amazed at the level of interest.
    Not had the opportunity to try the 350 but it has quite a following & an active club.
    Ha. It was an ordeal. I was due to go to the gulf war as a dispatch rider. My test was a loop around the Mohne Dam and I was passed by a QTO Queens Test Officer who couldn't keep up in his Landy lol. They were buggers to start and heavy off road. Stall them hot and you knew you were in a world of pain

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    When the MT`s new owner collected, he warmed the bike up before departing. Then stalled it.
    Still astride, he gave it a single half-hearted prod & brought it back to life.
    Something I never achieved in 21 years of ownership.
    I console myself with the thought that it was beginner`s luck.

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