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    1200 EFI tune up

    Yesterday I finally got round to taking my 1200L for some Dyno time with Chris Gunster in Grimsby. The longest job was getting it wired into the system because his lambda sensors are difficult to fit into the V&H pipes. I also have the “quiet” baffles fitted so the sensor probe would not go up the pipes, so the front steady bracket came off and the Dyno lambda sensor was wriggled in.
    The computer confirmed I had a map for an 883 converted to 1200 with SE filter and pipes so Chris did the first run. He immediately saw my problem, the bike was set far too weak on lower throttle settings, but was almost spot on at 100%. After much careful tweaking of various settings ( it is all pure wizardry to me!) Chris was happy with the mapping and it was put on the ECU and stored on my Supertuner Pro.
    We didn’t go in search of BHP, this was never my intention, so I am happy with the 60 bhp and 67.2 of torque at the back wheel I have now.
    I have only ridden the bike back home ( about 10 miles, mostly in traffic) so it is too soon to make comparisons, but it ran very well and seemed smoother. Chris gave me the options of taking it for a test ride to see if I liked the new settings and bringing it straight back if adjustments were needed, or taking it home, putting some miles on it before going back to him if necessary. I chose the second option as he cautioned me that I may find the fuel consumption may have suffered, so I could go back and have it leaned off a tad if I wanted - a simple matter involving a laptop and my Supertuner.
    I am hopefully going to the Sportster Sickness Birthday Bash this month, a round trip of 350 miles or so, so that will be a good test and I will report back, but at the moment I am pleased with the way Piglet is running - and at a cost of just over half that of an FP3 tuner.

    Pete C.

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