Well, in July on my way to the Prague 115th Rally, I trashed my (new to me) 05 Heritage after 2000 miles. Only 11000 miles on the clock from new

Looks like the right hand down tube, just below the headstock, where the crash bar bolts to, is bent forwards.

The RH crash bar got bent backwards and the twisting pulled the down tube forward.

As yet, not got the tank off to assess the top tube.

Looks like the near head on, (slightly right hand turn on front wheel), impact pushed the front wheel up in to the crash bar.
Front axle snapped, spokes gone, dent in wheel rim and front fender trashed. Otherwise ank, engine and rear end un touched.

New frame is out of the question price wise, and I was only insured for third party cover The bike I had left at home had fully comp insurance !

No frame re-jigging places on the island (Jersey) -, so a DIY approach is going to be the way. Bringing it up to the UK to Maidstone , is an option, but they need the front end rebuilt first, so a load of cash to be splashed out only to have them say it cant be done. Plus boat crossing and a few nights I the UK. All that will end up costing as much as a new frame, that I really cant afford any way.

Have plenty of heavy engineering skills and tools here at the farm, so building a heavy steel jig for hydraulic manipulation of the frame is something I can do.

But going to need some specific dimensions.
Or any one know of a frame for sale ?
Anyone help me out with that?