Just spotted your thread K9F and read it through from the start with interest. Nice work you are doing on the bike. Love those Shotguns and compressor, eye-wateringly expensive no doubt, but bob on. Had I known I would've bought your old shocks to replace my knackered ones. Too late now, my garage man will be fitting my replacements tomorrow. I see you've gone for the Metzler marathon; god choice IMO. Have the tyre on my custom bobber and find it great and so will be replacing my almost new Avon Venon 250 with a 240/40 marathon shortly.

Can't wait to see that fender dipped. Must take a look at the Thunderbike site to see what goodies they have. by the way, what LED's fit those openings in the fender? Also, what is the measurement across the inside of the fender between lug mount points? Be interested in checking if it might fit my bike.