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    Sportster seats.. roadster compatible?

    So first month on a Harley has passed and I'm loving it, with a couple of exceptions! My main gripe is the seat on the roadster, I've now put 500 miles on the bike and it has 1100 in total, the seat is still painful after a reasonably short time.

    Looking on the AR Harley website they've got a good collection of seats for sportsters, are the fixing mounts compatible with the roadster? Probably a stupid question I know but wanted confirmation.


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    Hi PDF,

    Sorry about the late reply,

    All XL Sportster frames are exactly the same as are the seat mounting points, so any seat made for a Sportster will fit any other Sportster of the same year. If you're intending fitting a seat meant for a different year to your Roadster the base might be a different shape, hat's due to electrical parts being relocated under the seat.

    So make sure you buy a seat that's compatible with the same year of Sportster as your Roadster and you can't go wrong.



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