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Not all dealers are the same, and that goes for all marques. I had issues in the past with both Honda and Suzuki dealers. My experience of Harleys isn't hassle free, but their dealing with problems and resolving them has been second to none so far. I Hope your Triumph ownership is less trouble some
I plan on doing the 10K mile servicing myself as it's oil/filters, greasing/visual inspection work. The 20K mile interval valve clearance work can be done at the local dealership to keep the book stamped up, even though it's a £700 service....it's an important one and for me can be budget for every 3 or 4 years. I have already contacted them to double check that my new bike wasn't the subject of recalls or any other issues and they were very helpful and diligent, looking back through the records for that VIN reference, declaring it as 100% free of recalls, defects or anything else found at servicing. They said it was a healthy good example. The fact that they sorted me out so quickly when I wasn't yet a customer speaks volumes and they were pleasant to deal with.

Dealerships vary a lot. Our local Harley one has had no end of staff issues which have been mainly behind my experiences. They have "let go" the problem staff and recruited new so lets hope for the customers' sakes they can perform as the MD would like them to. He's a lovely chap and I know is over worked. Harley UK do drive these dealerships with a big stick so it's no wonder some have issues. It's one reason, as a brand, I don't like them as the more I've got to know about HD, their marketing and their lack of vfm, the less inclined I've become to support them or want another. Still, it's all been an experience and I've taken a lot from it.