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Thread: FP 3 Woes

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    FP 3 Woes

    So its happened and as with anything that involves this wizardry..if it works its simple but if it goes wrong... well its fubar for me to solve
    So I had my 17 yr 48 and I fitted short shots and RSD blunt filter along with an FP3... tuned it and ran it fine... Stage 1... done
    I then change exhaust for slip ons.... fit them .... and go off out for a ride.... it sounds fabulous but pops and bangs on overun... something Im not keen on, so I get home and fit RSD filter as maps on FP3 all seem to have high flow filter included.
    So I go on FP3 select generic slip my cobras are not on the list..... and apply map.....
    Now its gone all supererbly wrong.... lights on dash and side stand warning coming accross, even before side stands been touched and bike wont start. Tried going back to standard map and still no good... jeez !!

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    Hi, I would recheck the fittings, are the O2 sensors all fitted correctly/tight etc, is the filter sealing correctly. All this sort of thing is where I would look first, particularly as you have gone from short shots back to slipons, and air filters. Then, start over again with your mapping. A quick call to a dealer or even email Vance&Hines for any input they can advise too. I've switched maps quite a few times with no issues other than settling on the best. Good luck.

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