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    New Member - soon to collect Fat Bob FXFBS

    Hey. I'm Adam - I bought a 2002 XJR1300 with Carbs about 6 weeks ago, to keep the cost of my hobby down. Then only went and fell in love with the new Fat Bob. Itís on order and hopefully I get to pick it up within a couple of weeks.

    The bike previous to this one was a Honda Crosstourer DCT which I bought new on a pcp thingy and only rode 3k in 2 and half years - usual argument with the missus about all that money going out every month and not being used - so the XJR was the compromise - bought for cash and owned...

    I have however done more miles in 6 weeks on the XJR than all of last year on the Crosstourer, and more importantly the missus will actually get on it - so we've had four whole days out on it - which hasn't happened for years! (She's a shorty and has a complex about getting on and off pillion position in front of anyone) - but finds it so much easier on the much lower and topbox free XJR. (And although she refused to try it at the dealership - the Fat Bob is lower still)

    I've just re-joined TVAM (Thames Vale Advanced Motorcyclists) with the aim of actually taking the test this time around - and am happy to meet up for rides etc in the Reading area.

    Iíve ordered the 114 with black S&S pipes, Sundowner Seat (for the wife) and some brake pedal modification as because my feet splay outwards like a duck, there was no way I could reach that standard pedal. Iím currently toying with a few other pre-collection mods:

    My left knuckle guards catch the mirror when I use the clutch so the Tribal Mirrors.

    Engine Guard - either the one with the highest rests in or the normal one.

    Fog lights fitted on the guard.

    Extended indicator switches - I struggled not to twist the throttle when indicating.

    Some kind of small bag to hold glasses/basic toolkit etc but not look poncy and not impede the pillion at all.

    Iíve been looking at the krieger 5l and 10l dry bags, they come with straps with hooks and then they supply elastic loops that screw through onto the standard mounting points. Iíve seen the Italian ends cuoio saddle bags and the Beat bag is not awful but for £180 I want to love it.

    Any experiences on here with any of those?

    Anyway - sorry for boring you all to tears...

    (I sell Citroen's for a living) :thumbs:
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    GT550 - that was bulletproof
    Divie 900 (Purple Ronnie)
    CBR1000 - Jellymold edition (we broke the suspension jumping Sonning bridge two up)
    Yam Thundercat 600 (realised on the first day of owning it that the combined weight of myself and GF at the time was 2 stone over it's maximum - oops)
    Peugeot SpeedFight 125 (actually a great little commuter)
    VF750 - pre the vtech thingy
    XJR1300 SP
    Victory Vegas 8 Ball - without doubt the nicest sounding bike I ever smashed to pieces in an accident
    Triumph Thunderbird 1600 - really boring and tedious
    VFR1200 DCT
    Crosstourer DCT
    XJR1300 2002 - Current

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    A warm welcome to the forum Adam,

    You've owned some nice machinery over the years.

    The 2018 Fat Bob is the most un-Harley looking machine in the current portfolio, it looks like a right bruiser. I think it could be H-D's followup to the discontinued XR1200X.

    Good luck with your future Harley ownership.
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    Quite an intro. Welcome tae the forum fae the wilds of Fife. You've had a fair few bikes , so hopefully the Fatbob will be a nice next bike. There's a few of us on here with quite a history of bikes, and others that are newer to the fold. All in all its a nice mix. Me personally, I have a 2016 Iron, my last bike was an NTV650, which I had for 21,yrs. Prior to that it was mostly jap retros and the like.
    FTW )

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