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    I have never used a swing arm bag and do not know the size of them, but anything that can catch the wind on one side will effect handling at motorway speeds. Drag effect at higher speeds is huge, hence the need for a massive increase in HP just to gain a few MPH at high speeds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fortyeight View Post

    Swing arm bag...
    Forgot to mention I have a swing arm bag on the near side.
    I removed it recently and went for a motorway ride.
    Handling seemed much more stable, although the bars do seem to be pointing to the right slightly.
    Replaced the swing arm bag and the right drift seems to be back.

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    I have a harley swingarm bag on my dyna and suffer no issues whatsoever at speed..

    I know its not a 48 but just thought i would let you know

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