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    Sportster 48 - Power Commander V Issues

    Iím a mechanical Automotive Engineer, but my problem I believe is stemming from electrical and beyond how to put together basic circuits Iím fairly clueless on electrics.

    So I have a 2011 Harley Sportster 48. I installed Bassani Sweepers on the bike, which was a bit of a hassle in of itself, but we got them on there. Then installed a Power Commander V. Loaded it with a map which was screaming eagle, V&H short shots with standard ECM. Which I felt would be a good map to my unrestricted Air Filter and roughly match the volumetric flow of my pipes (the important part there being that the front pipe is longer on both fronts). Started it up and surprisingly everything ran like a dream, bike sounded fantastic, was clearly running a little rich, but rev range was far smoother than before all the work.

    Then I set about doing the curing on the exhaust (running it 60 seconds cool down, repeat 5 times) This ran the battery quite down (old batt) but not dead. During this time a check engine light appeared, I stupidly thought, prob just because the rear o2 sensor is not required with this set up, an innocently (although probably naively) plugged this in and started it up to see if it would clear. Bike ran very poorly so quickly turned it off, took the fuse out and returned it how it had been.
    Went to start it up ran like a bag of ****. Tried a couple of times, but to no avail, at this point the batt went totally dead. Thought could just be battery. Charged it, battery had indeed lost its ability to hold a full charge. Ordered a replacement.

    Replacement turned up. Put it in, problem persists. I should note the Siren battery seems to have gone totally dead (perhaps needs replacing), I donít know if this could cause a voltage drop and cause this problem?
    Since all this I have tried the following:
    - Checked all connectors for obvious fault
    - Wiped the map, reloaded it
    - Tried different maps
    - Tried a zero map
    - Tried it with the computer attached to power commander and without

    Bike will basically not start without throttle now on any settings and if left to idle will stop running.

    Engine error code appeared on one of the maps (but not always) which is P0505 loss of idle control.

    Have contacted PC, they suggested engine code is probably genuine as they feel a poor or non-reading map would not result in an error code.
    The PC itself, turns itís lights on for around 4 seconds when the ignition switch is flipped, but does not then re-light up until the bike itself is started, I thought it was constant before when ignition switch was on, but PC tech didnít mention that when I told him.

    Their suggested has basically been to run it on zero map and go round unplugging each aspect of the PC unit (ignition, map over ride etc) to see if that clears the code, but this strikes me as generic advice considering heís already stated he does not believe the PC itself could cause an engine error code.
    I am approaching investigating the P0505 error code as genuine and looking to try and correct that.

    But my mind is just utterly boggled how it can have ran like a dream for a day, I changed the wiring for probably all of 60 seconds and now it just does not work. I should note as stated earlier a engine code was present while running well, but I stupidly didnít check that, I assume as no other code came up and I had not wiped the ECM, that this was again P0505.

    Any ideas, or experiences of installing these units would be appreciated.

    Cheers guys.

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    Okay, I think the problem may be being caused by a parasitic voltage drain from this dead 9V which I believe is running in parallel.

    Does anyone know where the Siren box is located on a 2011 sportster? I am reading it should be above the rear brake cylinder, but I really can't see much there without stripping a lot of parts. I believe the connector should be behind the fuse box which is next to the battery.

    Any help on the siren location would be appreciated.

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    Hello Sonny,

    The alarm module and siren is that strange looking box with slots on it under the left of the swinging arm.

    See the images.

    10689.1513954327.DSC_3391.jpg img2221_600.jpg



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