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I've been advised that keeping a battery permanently hooked up to an optimate or similar won't actually help prolong battery life...it doesn't harm a battery to be discharged now and again, just not left to fully discharge to a flat state. I leave mine off for 4 weeks at a time with no ill effects but over the winter it gets hooked up and left until charged then disconnected for 3 or 4 weeks before trickle charging to top it up every 3 or 4 weeks. Even optimates (at least the one I have) continue to charge at low amps when the battery is full, and this does neither the battery nor the charger any good. I have another which dumps current once it detects a full battery but it's still using electric all the time so with my green hat on, I think it's poor practice to leave any charger on all the time.
I agree with your thinking, it's called memory effect.