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    1985 sporster no ignition, HELP!

    Don’t get chance to ride it often, went to start it and battery was dead, replaced battery, then manager to blow the circuit breaker, replaced it finally lights on!!! Until stupidly in my eagerness putting it back together I shorted it, breakers are fine but have nothing, is there a master fuse or breaker that I’m missing?

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    Hi Leshark, I’ve just done a similar thing, same problems (check out my post ‘help’ ) I found that it had buggered up my voltage regulator ( the oblong finned thing bolted to the engine cradle at the front, disconnect the connectors again at the front (one is a single wire connector and the other a double wire connector) and then turn your ignition on (after checking your battery first) you should then have all your lights back, voltage regulator on flea bay is approx £70.......hope that helps Janno



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