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Thread: Number plates

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    And that’s just what it is ‘Advice’

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnnythefox View Post
    Speaking to my local Harley dealer yesterday, they will MOT pass bikes with side mounted plate as long as the plate is full size, the guy reckoned he had never heard of anyone having trouble from the local constabulary for fitting a smaller plate after the MOT test as long as it's not 'stupidly small' also as I suspected since they offer Vance and Hines as a dealer fit, they pass short shots for MOT too, so I'm sorted :-)
    They do the same at my local branch but that's not to say that they should. My local bike shop won't as he doesn't want the grief of a spot check where he's passed something that isn't in accordance with DVLA requirements...he says they're getting hotter at spot checks (the police).

    At the end of the day, none of us wants to go out and get grief for the sake of what looks good, but you pays your money and makes your choice. The legislation is pretty clear. A chat with friendly local police hocifer revealed that they consider most Harley riders not to be the problem bikers, so they tend to use a bit more discretion...they think we're all old/wrinkly and unlikely to be ASBO material despite the loud pipes. This guy even said he liked the sound of a proper Harley and that meant having loud pipes. Some bikes I've heard, especially with short drag type pipes take the micky a bit though. Personally I find the noise quite obnoxious from these as they cross the boundary between loud and fruity to just plain loud in a headache-inducing unpleasant racket sort of way.

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    Good thread, it seems you can get away with smaller number plates so long as the dimensions of the letters, the spacing in between letters and numbers, and the margins at the edge of the lettering are of the correct size. Lucky if you’ve got a “1” or a “I” in your registration!

    I’ve been looking at my number plate holder (after market) and it’s got a space 8.5” wide and 4 3/4” in height, designed to fit a number plate snugly inside. It would look very nice if I could, but the registration of my bike would be too big to fit into this space. I don’t know how they managed to sell a number plate holder like this when the number plate won’t fit.

    The only way I could get a number plate to fit would be to invest in a private reg, might keep an eye out for a bargain containing “1” or “I”.

    EDIT: Number plates registered before 1st September 2001 must have the charachters set out over two lines. This would make it too big in height for my number plate holder. It isn’t clear if motorcycles registered after this date can have the characters set out over one line.

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    If you get a old number plate with six or less digits you can have a smaller plate legally. On old plates they used different size lettering and spacing.



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