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    DVLA, Custom Bikes, and Write-Offs!

    So, my 2016 Sportster was involved in an accident in November. Mild damage but insurance has written the bike off at Cat B (Parts can be salvaged, but frame must never appear on road again). As there are MANY salvageable parts on the bike, there are two options. Firstly, and easiest, sell salvageable parts and scrap rest of bike. The second option however is where I want the advice and thoughts.
    The frame has sustained no damage. The DVLA does not require a certificate of destruction for a motorbike, only for cars and trikes. with this in mind, is it possible to repair the frame, remove the original number, have it tested, and reissued as a new frame number? the bike could then be re-registered under a new Q plate. What's people's thoughts on this, and any suggestions as to other options?


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    Just my thoughts reading your post.........

    How do you know the frame hasn't been damaged?

    If it hasn't been damaged why has the Ins Co. made the statement that it must never appear on the road again?

    Likewise, why have they deemed it Cat B?

    If it hasn't been damaged why would you want to repair the frame?

    Why would you want to remove the number if it has been damaged?

    Whether repaired or not, removing the number is illegal.

    My suggestion is be a bit clearer on the damage to the bike and why it was deemed Cat B.

    If the Ins Co. are wrong as far as you are concerned, then get the frame to a specialist to check it for straightness and fractures etc - if AOK, the specialist (say, Maidstone Motoliner) would back you up if you told the Ins Co. they are wrong and need to re-assess what they have decided.

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    A warm welcome to the forum from Calderdale in West Yorkshire.

    In agree with Gettin'onabit, have a specialist check the frame over thoroughly for straightness and possible hairline fractures etc. The insurance company won't have done that, in my experience insurance companies would rather write off a motorcycle rather than have it repaired. Did you purchase the Iron back from the insurance company?

    If the frame does turn out to be undamaged, there's no reason why it can't be put back on the road with it's original registration number, no matter what the insurer says. If the frame is bent it can be straightened by a specialist company, they will issue you with a certificate to say that the frame has been repaired and tested again by them and it is fit for the road once more. I'd avoid going for a 'Q' plate, if you come to resell the bike with a 'Q' plate, it'll put potential buyers off. People are wary of a 'Q' plate machine, it's really for modified frames and if your frame is original there's no need to have it re-registered.

    Have you contacted the DVLA about your bike, they could offer you advice.

    Good luck.

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