Whilst finding my way around this forum I've been trying to find the information I need via the search box in the top right hand corner. After typing in the key words, the results I get only provide threads that contain the words I searched for. The threads shown no doubt contain some of the content I'm looking for, but I have to trawl through all of the threads, most of which are on the wrong subject.

On the advanced search page, there's an option to search by the title. Using this option seems to be more precise and yields better results. I was wondering if users of this forum knew how the search facility worked, and was aware of adding "tags" when posting a new thread, and make use of writing the subject matter into the title?

An example, I type Night Rod into the search box, and there's nothing that would be immediately obvious to find a thread on the Night Rod. Type Night Rod into "search titles only" in advanced, and I can find two threads straight away.

Sorry if I sound like a smart arse, but I think this forum is a good resource of information for Harley Davidsons, and would probably flourish more if users could quickly and easily find the specific information they want.