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Thread: Muc Off

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    That's right Bud, it is a final shine product, I've never used it on the Iron due to it having a denim finish, don't want it to be shiny. As I've said on another post I use Heinz distilled white vinegar on my denim paint, it removes the dirt into a microfibre cloth and any excess vinegar evaporates off the paint. The vinegar is £0.35 a pint and it lasts for ages. In the days before household chemical cleaners, white vinegar was commonly used to clean and sanitise around the home.

    For cleaning dirt off the engine, frame and wheels I use Poundland's "No More Dirty Bike" at £1 for a 1 litre bottle.

    DB10001.jpg 41cfNe77u4L._SX342_.jpg

    Cleaning products don't have to be expensive.
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    I try and avoid anything too acid on paintwork (you're ok with pH's in the region of about 6.5 to about 8.5 or 9 from what I've read, alkaline being preferable to acid).

    Not seen that poundland stuff...must get out more!

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    I like Simonize wash and Aruba wax. It works great on the car and my bike. I put some in a spray bottle with water and use it to wipe the bike down after a ride.
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