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    Quote Originally Posted by xbpod View Post
    Always find it strange why people have to knock share holders because they get a return on their, very often risky, investment. If it wasn't for people putting their money into companies in the first place we wouldn't have the choices to buy what we want now. No I do not own any shares in companies, but know I owe much of my freedom of choice to people that do.
    Ok Pete,

    I totally agree with you about shareholders, they do get a lot of bad publicity.

    Buying shares in a company can be a risky business, the value of shares can go up and down many times in one day. You can loose money as well as gaining it, that's a gamble that you've got to be willing to take as an investor. Company's use shareholders money to invest into their businesses to expand, the shareholders are actually lending their money to businesses who they trust to make good use of it. It's not all about fat cats making profit out of businesses for their own satisfaction.

    Between 2006 and 2012, I bought shares in my employer Marshalls PLC, my shares cost me a total of £4K. in 2012 Marshalls made me redundant, at that time my shares were only worth £2.4K. I held onto my shares as I was confident that their value would rise again, today they're worth £14.5K, not a bad investment I think.
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    I'm late to this thread (and haven't read all the comments) but I think HD have done a good job with the 2018 models. I went to the launch in Oxfordshire through HOG and had the presentation and got to ride a few of them.

    Each test route had two stops so you got to ride three bikes each.

    I had a go on the 114 Fat Boy, the Slim (to compare to mine) and then a Street Bob.

    The suspension is a big improvement, and combined with the lower weight and improved ground clearance made for a nice ride. To an extent they seemed a bit more 'civilised' maybe, but that just could be standard pipes LOL.

    Didn't get to go on the Heritage or the Fat Bob unfortunately but didn't think any of them offered much over the Slim S I already had.

    They also gave us some info on the 2108 Touring and Anniversary model - they did offer something I liked ...

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    Glad you enjoyed the test rides. Think the main bone of contention was either the styling didn't appeal to those of us that prefer the twin shock look, or that they were a bit to polished and characterless for some off us. I have test rode a few of the models and found them to be very good in power and handling, but I prefer a more vibey HD
    FTW )



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