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    Well, having gone for a blast today, I found that the no baffle option of the Straight Shots slip-ons is not an option at all - deafened myself after two miles despite wearing a helmet with the visor shut.

    So, I refitted baffles first of all with glassfibre mat wrapping; two layers - absolutely crap result.

    Then wrapped just the 'outer half' of the perforated tube part of the baffles with Acousta-fil type stuff - better than every other way I have tried them.

    But, I have come to the conclusion I just don't like the sound these zorsts make - not deep enough; not really a rumble. It is not a very pleasant sound at all (well not to me anyway, although Mrs seems to think it sounds good, but that was when I was about a mile away).

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    I have Khrome Werks slip-ons and they sound pretty good to me.

    As ever not cheap but it kept the bike looking stock which is what I like. Tapered and same size as stock pipes.

    This is on a XL1200T

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    Just intersted if AndyRattle has an even better opinion of these now they have been fitted a while ?



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